Washington Fire Lookouts List

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At one point Washington was home to more than 700 fire lookouts, but now fewer than 100 remain. Enthusiasts like Rex Kamstra have done a great job preserving facts and photos of the history of these structures. This official list of the remaining towers has also been organized so peakbaggers can visit all of them. There are currently 93 standing lookouts remaining on the official list, plus 2 which were discovered after the list was made.

Summit Name Elevation County
Mount Adams 12276 Yakima
Slate Peak 7440 Okanogan/Whatcom
North Twentymile Peak 7437 Okanogan
Mount Bonaparte 7257 Okanogan
Mount Fremont 7181 Pierce
Goat Peak 7001 Okanogan
Mebee Pass 6960 Okanogan/Skagit
Hidden Lake Peaks 6890 Skagit
Three Fingers 6870 Snohomish
Salmo Mountain 6828 Pend Oreille
Columbia Mountain 6782 Ferry
Moses Mountain 6774 Okanogan
Tyee Mountain 6654 Chelan
Winchester Mountain 6521 Whatcom
Monument 83 Lookout 6520 Okanogan
Green Mountain 6500 Snohomish
Sullivan Mountain 6483 Pend Oreille
Oregon Butte 6387 Columbia
Grizzly Mountain 6381 Ferry
Copper Mountain 6260 Whatcom
Table Rock 6250 Columbia
Alpine Lookout (Nason Ridge) 6235 Chelan
Miners Ridge 6208 Snohomish
Buck Mountain 6135 Okanogan
Sourdough Mountain 6120 Whatcom
Desolation Peak 6102 Whatcom
Tunk Mountain 6054 Okanogan
South Baldy 5961 Pend Oreille
Tolmie Peak 5939 Pierce
Mount Spokane 5883 Spokane
Strawberry Mountain 5863 Okanogan
Thorp Mountain 5854 Kittitas
Shriner Peak 5834 Pierce
Sugarloaf Mountain 5814 Chelan
Dodger Point 5760 Jefferson
Omak Mountain 5747 Okanogan
Lookout Mountain 5699 Skagit
High Rock 5685 Lewis
Jumpoff Lookout 5670 Yakima
Clearwater Lookout 5660 Garfield
Granite Mountain 5629 King
Evergreen Mountain 5587 Snohomish
Lynx Mountain 5520 Ferry
Lookout Mountain 5515 Okanogan
First Butte 5491 Okanogan
Gobblers Knob Lookout 5485 Pierce
Timber Mountain 5474 Pend Oreille
Park Butte 5440 Whatcom
Kelly Butte 5409 King
Red Top Mountain 5361 Kittitas
Mount Pilchuck 5324 Snohomish
Burley Mountain 5304 Lewis
Sun Top Mountain 5271 Pierce
Aeneas Mountain 5167 Okanogan
Quartz Mountain 5162 Spokane
Funk Mountain 5121 Okanogan
Signal Peak 5100 Yakima
Cornell Butte 5096 Okanogan
Mount Leecher 5020 Okanogan
Indian Mountain 5014 Pend Oreille
Big Butte 5009 Asotin
Mount Leecher Crow's Nest 5000 Okanogan
Red Mountain 4965 Skamania
Puyallup Ridge 4877 Pierce
Keller Butte 4811 Ferry
Cody Butte 4764 Ferry
Whitestone Ridge 4762 Ferry
Gold Mountain 4686 Ferry
Watch Mountain 4664 Lewis
Armstrong Mountain 4587 Okanogan
Diamond Peak Patrol Tower 4320 Pend Oreille
Satus Peak 4182 Yakima
Johnny George Lookout 4090 Ferry
Tower Mountain 4000 Stevens
Whitmore Mountain 3949 Okanogan
Whitmore Mountain L-4 Cab 3880 Okanogan
Knowlton Knob 3852 Okanogan
North Mountain 3824 Skagit
Franson Peak 3786 Ferry
Meadow Butte 3620 Klickitat
Wellpinit Mountain 3464 Stevens
Ned Hill 3464 Clallam
North Point 3320 Clallam
Lookout Point (Lookout Mtn.) 3114 Spokane
Pyramid Mountain 3100 Clallam
Steliko Point 2586 Chelan
House Rock Lookout Shelter 2500 Skamania
Mount Constitution 2407 San Juan
Lorena Butte Lookout 2160 Klickitat
Heybrook Ridge 1701 Snohomish
Kitsap Lookout 1360 Kitsap
Okanogan Post Office 800 Okanogan
Darrington Ranger Station 540 Snohomish
Goodman Hill 480 Pierce

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