About the artist

I love staring at maps.

If I enter a room with a map on the wall, I will immediately be drawn to it. I'll spend way more time analyzing it than I would any other decor. This really started when I moved to the Rocky Mountains after college. My newfound affinity for the landscapes of the American West had me doing a lot of research and exploring. When I'm in a new place I'm often mentally stitching together what I see with what I recall from the maps I've studied. Maps relate an enormous amount of information and are such a powerful tool for understanding our environment.

If I need a map to find my way around, that's easy; I've got a computer in my pocket. Whenever I've had an idea for a map I'd like to hang on my wall, I'd shop around for a while only to discover that it doesn't exist. I now design these maps so people like us can have a stylish poster to remind ourselves of where we've been and where we want to go.

These days when I'm not purveying maps on the internet I can be found exploring the backcountry around Sun Valley, Idaho. If you like pictures of mountains, you're welcome to follow me on Instagram.

-Derek Percoski