Do your maps shipped folded or rolled?

All of our maps are designed as posters, so they are never folded. Your map will arrive in a cardboard tube. If you do not intend to hang it up, you should store your map in the shipping tube. The paper we use is much too thick to be folded.

How should I mount my map?

We're happy to provide you with some ideas here. These are in order of cost/complexity.

1. If you decide to color your icons in with a marker, we recommend an orange or red Sharpie. We've experimented with many colors and these tend to look the best.

2. The simplest way to put pins in your map is to buy a poster frame with a cardboard backing. Leave the front plastic off and your map is ready for pinning! You can find a variety of map tacks (just like sewing pins only shorter) in craft stores or on Amazon.com. To step up the quality here by keeping map flatter you can adhere the map to the cardboard using spray adhesive. Spray adhesive goes on lightly so it won't saturate the paper. You'll want a second set of hands for this step so you can hold all four corners of the map and line it up perfectly as you lower it to your frame backing. We advise you stay away from glues, rubber cement, Mod Podge, etc. You may also decide to swap out the cardboard for foam board, which has a smoother surface.

3. Spendier poster frames will likely have a wood composite backing. Swap this out with foam board and follow the steps listed above in #2.

4. Mount your map to sheet metal and buy a set of tiny magnets. This won't work as well with maps that have finer detail, such as our National Park System or US Ski Resorts maps.

5. Stop by your local frame shop and see what they can do for you!

I own a shop that sells awesome things. Do you wholesale?

We do! Contact us if you'd like more information.