Do your maps shipped folded or rolled?

All of our maps are designed as posters, so they are never folded. Your map will arrive in a cardboard tube. If you do not intend to hang it up, you should store your map in the shipping tube. The paper we use is much too thick to be folded.

Do you offer other/custom sizes?

We won't shrink down any design because we want to ensure you can read your map. If a particular map is only available in a larger size, it's because that's required to display all the details. We can, however, accommodate custom orders for enlargements. Our 24x36 maps can be scaled up to 36x54 for $90 which includes shipping via UPS Ground. We aren't able to mount/frame maps larger than 24x36.

I'd like to know more about your mounting and framing services.

All of the information about mounting and framing can be found here.

I'm taking the DIY approach. How should I mount my map?

If you decide to color your icons in, paint pens are the best way to go. Any color will paint pen will look great. If you're using a Sharpie, we've tried every color and can report that red and orange look the best. You could also use small stickers, such as gold stars.

The simplest way to put pins in your map is to buy a poster frame with a cardboard backing. Leave the front plastic off and it's ready for pinning! You will have a smoother, sturdier surface if you swap out the cardboard with a sheet of foam board instead. Spendier poster frames will likely have a wood composite backing—so it will be necessary to swap this out for foam board.

Step up the quality by keeping the map flatter using spray adhesive to mount it on the cardboard or foam board. Spray adhesive goes on lightly so it won't saturate the paper. We advise you stay away from glues, rubber cement, Mod Podge, etc.

For proper alignment you can either adhere one side at a time (set the map down on the backing and gently fold it over before spraying adhesive) or have a partner help to hold all four corners as you lower the map down with adhesive already on both surfaces.

Cork boards may seem like a good choice, but there are some reasons we don't recommend them:
1. You'll never get a perfect fit. A 24x36 cork board includes the permanently-installed frame, so the actual size of the cork area is too small for a 24x36 poster.

2. You generally can't remove the frame on a cork board, which means you can't get your poster edges underneath it.

3. Cork is great for its healing property, but for this application you'll never be moving the pins around so a healing substrate isn't necessary.

I have a coupon code but can't find a place to enter it.

If you're receiving a 'Buy2Get1' deal you won't have the option to enter a coupon on top of that. On the cart page you'll see an option for "I will be using a coupon instead (of B2G1)", but Buy2Get1 is probably the better deal.

I own a shop that sells awesome things. Do you wholesale?

We do! Wholesale orders can be placed via Faire. Please be sure to use that direct link (https://faire.com/direct/bestmapsever) as it saves us paying their commission.