New Mexico National Wilderness Areas List

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Wilderness Name Agency Year
Aden Lava Flow Wilderness BLM 2019
Ah-shi-sle-pah Wilderness BLM 2019
Aldo Leopold Wilderness USFS 1980
Apache Kid Wilderness USFS 1980
Bandelier Wilderness NPS 1976
Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness BLM 1984
Blue Range Wilderness USFS 1980
Bosque del Apache Wilderness FWS 1975
Broad Canyon Wilderness BLM 2019
Capitan Mountains Wilderness USFS 1980
Carlsbad Caverns Wilderness NPS 1978
Cebolla Wilderness BLM 1987
Cerro del Yuta Wilderness BLM 2019
Chama River Canyon Wilderness USFS 1978
Cinder Cone Wilderness BLM 2019
Columbine-Hondo Wilderness USFS 2014
Cruces Basin Wilderness USFS 1980
Dome Wilderness USFS 1980
East Potrillo Mountains Wilderness BLM 2019
Gila Wilderness USFS 1964
Latir Peak Wilderness USFS 1980
Manzano Mountain Wilderness USFS 1978
Mount Riley Wilderness BLM 2019
Ojito Wilderness BLM 2005
Organ Mountains Wilderness BLM 2019
Pecos Wilderness USFS 1964
Potrillo Mountains Wilderness BLM 2019
Rio San Antonio Wilderness BLM 2019
Robledo Wilderness BLM 2019
Sabinoso Wilderness BLM 2009
Salt Creek Wilderness FWS 1970
San Pedro Parks Wilderness USFS 1964
Sandia Mountain Wilderness USFS 1978
Sierra de la Uvas Wilderness BLM 2019
West Malpais Wilderness BLM 1987
Wheeler Peak Wilderness USFS 1964
White Mountain Wilderness USFS 1964
Whitehorn Wilderness BLM 2019
Withington Wilderness USFS 1980

BLM = Bureau of Land Management
FWS = U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
NPS = National Park Service
USFS = U.S. Forest Service

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